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Steve & Chris Michaels
Owners of the Shire of Montana
Art at the Barn
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Steve Michaels, an entrepreneur of the truest sense is a business broker, author, hypnotherapist, rancher, designer and owner of the world famous “The Shire of Montana” which has appeared on Fox News, HGTV, MTV, the NY Times and Steve was even interviewed on BBC radio along with other notable media.

Steve is also the author of three books… Homespun Insight which teaches you that the lessons learned from everyday life on the ranch and nature can be applied to your working environment, How to Die with a Smile on your Face which points the way for people to discover what is truly important in this brief life and Light Abstractions, a coffee table book of some of his otherworldly abstract photography.  He has also had a hypnotherapy practice in Colorado and a business broker for over 40 years selling over 500 telecommunications businesses worldwide.